Build Process


  • New stepped bottom designs the latest of a 20 year evolution of step design by John Cosker
  • All boat models are created using 3D CAD solid modeling for precise builds, fantastic handling and beautiful styling
  • All models built from CNC milled tooling for maximum accuracy in creating the hull shapes
  • Fully engineered laminate schedules, not just a general laminate over the entire boat. A variety of different cloths and cores used to distribute loads properly over the entire boat. Carbon fiber reinforcements used extensively in high stress areas.
  • Infusion aids in fast production while still keeping high standards in quality and weight control
  • Our infused epoxy highly engineered hull weighs over 1,500 lbs less than conventional construction and it is stronger
  • All systems have schematics including electrical, mechanical, fuel, raw water and fresh water systems
  • All electrical connections made using Deutsch waterproof connectors
  • Electrical systems in every model use a central power distribution panel so all breakers for the boat are in one place.
  • Rotomolded fuel tanks used with impervious lining for ethanol soak

MYSTIC Powerboats builds the world’s most advanced infused epoxy, carbon fiber-reinforced center consoles. This construction technology and process translates to product consistency as well as weight savings without compromising strength. MYSTIC center consoles are built with the most advanced lamination materials available. No wood is used in their construction.






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