DCB History

What inspired Dave Hemmingson, the founder of Dave’s Custom Boats, to attempt to build the best performance boats in the world? Fascination? Passion? Obsession? All of the above. Using the acronym DCB, Hemmingson brought his secret ambition to fulfillment more than two decades ago and has since led one of the most significant and ambitious new model development and tooling programs in the industry. The company has introduced 15 boat models since its inception.

In more than 20 years, the DCB crew has helped redefine the boundaries of the custom powerboat world, striving to demonstrate the difference between ordinary and extraordinary in every aspect. Thanks to an endless dedication to state-of-the-art boat production and a desire to be at the forefront of the industry, DCB has attained a level of workmanship quality that is unmatched.

Unlike many conventional boat builders, each boat produced at DCB is treated as an individual, unique creation, customized to the precise wishes and desires of its intended owner. Every model is an original, created in-house by DCB factory trained technicians using the latest and most advanced design and construction technologies available.

DCB continues to dominate the industry in family performance boating. Go ahead, research the product—talk to those who own or have owned a DCB. There’s a reason so many people choose to join the DCB family and become one of our many satisfied customers. From concept to delivery, the boats produced by DCB are projects of passion.  Each DCB is the newest “work of art” complementing an ever-growing gallery of boats.

The DCB Mission

Committed to providing works of art on the water that are unique and customized to each owner’s liking, DCB Performance Boats strives to create the ultimate performance boat with every handcrafted model built in-house using the most advanced construction techniques available. Blending exceptional engineering, unparalleled performance, meticulous workmanship and sophisticated designs way ahead of the curve, each boat is the manifestation of a passionate customer and the obsessive and talented team at DCB.


Celebrating 25 Years

A Silver Milestone: DCB Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Long before DCB Performance Boats dominated the performance boat market on the West Coast and beyond with its stunning M Series catamaran models ranging from 29 to 41 feet, the Southern California builder was setting the standard from the beginning with its 22- and 26-foot sport cats.

Founded by Dave Hemmingson (“Dave” in Dave’s Custom Boats) in 1990, DCB has built each boat with the utmost attention to detail while striving to distinguish the difference between ordinary and extraordinary in every aspect. Whether it’s rigging, graphics, comfort, utility, performance or dockside appeal, Hemmingson and the crew at DCB—all of which are diehard boating enthusiasts—have been delivering creative, functional and predictable go-fast boats for dynamic customers across the country and internationally.

This year marks a major milestone for DCB as the company celebrates its silver anniversary after cementing its roots up and down the Colorado River—a hotspot for recreational boating enthusiasts up and down the West Coast—and evolving into one of the nation’s most notable performance boat builders.

Throughout the years, models such as the Extreme 28 V-bottom, the 30 Sport Deck, the highly regarded F-29 and F-32 catamarans, and the most recent M Series boats have received praise from magazines and websites, drawn attention at poker runs and topped many classes at shootouts in Arizona, Missouri and Texas. Today, DCB’s breathtaking M41 Widebody is a jaw-dropper at boat shows and others events from Miami to Los Angeles and everywhere in between.

Yet 25 years is only the beginning at DCB Performance Boats. The company continues to progress with its forward-thinking approach and its desire to showcase the most advanced design and construction technologies available. Each boat built is DCB’s latest “work of art” and everyone who has a hand in its creation understands that. Even better, a devoted family of customers understands that and is the reason DCB Performance Boats keeps moving forward.

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