DCB Customer Gallery


Scott Oldnettle – Alabama

Model M35

This is our second DCB.   The first  was an F32 which rode very well and despite the boat being nearly 10 years old was just as solid as new . There are so many things that are different about having a boat built by the DCB crew , it makes u smile when you see it and keeps you coming back .  The fit and finish, the styling, the concern that everything has met the customer’s demands as well as their standards. To have a product by a company that has lasted more than a quarter century in this … [Continue Reading]



Mark Schouten – Arizona

Model M35

DCB is a fabulous boat builder. I believe so much in their product and service that I am on my 4th DCB. The service delivered by their entire team is top notch. There is no limit placed on meeting the customer expectations. The rigging and detail of each boat is superb. The design is creative and innovative. I am proud to be an owner of a DCB and look forward to owning many more.   … [Continue Reading]



Dave Magoo – Arizona

Model M35

I love the looks of the boat for sure. The rigging, fit & finish, the design, interior, and craftsmanship are all the best in the industry… But the REAL reason I bought a DCB is because of how safe it is… I trust the Boat Design and building process so much, that I’ll take my family and friends out in the boat and KNOW it will perform as designed, and I don’t have to ever worry about it… That’s why I bought my 2nd DCB, because I have full confidence that as we are going at dangerous speeds … [Continue Reading]



Carlton Bass – Oklahoma

Model M35

I don’t know how many people care about the detail that goes into one of DCB’s boats, but I know I sure do – and I appreciate every painstaking detail. The guys at DCB are incredibly talented. To be in business for 25 years in and of itself earns you some credibility, but you won’t stay in the game if you don’t evolve, and DCB continues to do so. I can’t say enough about the boats and the guys who build them. I mean you can go under the dash and study the wiring harnesses. DCB puts so many … [Continue Reading]



Javier Raisch – California

Model M29

What makes DCB stand out is the people behind the brand. I instantly noticed the passion everyone there has for boating. They all enjoy making the best product that they possibly can. As the years have gone by, I’ve become friends with Tony, Paul, Deron, Carlos, Zack and Eric. The term “family” that you hear with DCB is not a cliché – in min and many others’ cases it’s the only term to describe what happens when you buy a DCB. Since my first DCB, they’ve continued to challenge … [Continue Reading]



Brad Macaulay – Canada

Model M31

In my opinion, there’s never been a better time to purchase a DCB. What makes DCB a world-class high-performance boat is the leadership of Rob Blair and, most of all, the employees who deliver so much pride and effort into every boat that they produce starting from the initial design right through to the water test. From the gelcoat and lamination to the rigging and upholstery, there are many reasons I purchased my DCB M31. Once you decide to purchase a boat you automatically become part of the … [Continue Reading]



Dino – New York

Model M35

I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you to you and the guys at DCB for really making me feel welcome and at home on my visit to the west coast to see the debut of my new M35 at the Los Angeles Boat Show. You have surrounded yourself with some really great people who not only do a fantastic job at building boats, but are also just good and nice people all around. I believe that kind of culture in business has to start from the top, and you have done a great job in that respect. And those … [Continue Reading]



Win Farnsworth – Colorado

Model M41

I would like to thank the DCB family for the years of enjoyment that your products have provided to me and my family. Over the years, I have owned multiple DCB’s and I worked with DCB to build my latest ride, SilverLining, DCB’s first M41. The level of precision and workmanship on SilverLining is second to none Through the build process, I was in constant communication with the DCB team. Dave, Tony, Eric, Deron, Darla, Peggi and Paul all worked to accommodate my needs and make sure that the … [Continue Reading]



Rob Blair – Canada

Model M41

I like to say you’re not just buying a boat from DCB, you’re buying an experience. At least that’s how I felt walking through the door with Dave and Lynn (Hemmingson) when I was looking for a boat. We provide an opportunity for people to enjoy this sport with others. By doing so, the DCB brand has flourished into something unique. It’s really all about the people here. Success is based on the team members and as long as we stay very current with people, they’re going to bring more excitement to … [Continue Reading]
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